Converting open heart surgery to
a transcatheter procedure.

Bringing new hope to millions
of patients

The Problem

Millions of heart failure patients are without a viable treatment

Severe functional mitral regurgitation (FMR) affects millions of patients. Due to high surgical risks, only a small percentage of patients undergo open-heart valve surgery. Nearly half of the remaining patients, who are treated with medication only, will die within two years.

VALFIX Solution

Converting open-heart valve surgery to a transcatheter procedure

VALFIX system offers a solution to the millions of patients currently without viable treatment.

VALFIX’s innovative and game-changing system allows cardiologists to perform transcatheter mitral valve repair procedures to alleviate heart failure symptoms, improve quality of life, and save lives.

Main Advantages


Minimally Invasive Procedure




Adoption By


Backed By Leading
Surgeons & Cardiologists

Why VALFIX is a game changer

Prof. Gregg W Stone, MD

Interventional Cardiologist, Mount Sinai New York

“What I like about the VALFIX device is that it serves as a standalone annuloplasty device, but it can serve also as a platform… it just provides a lot of flexibility of what the future may bring“

Dr. Thomas Modine, MD

Cardiac Surgeon, Bordeaux University

“The annuloplasty option is very, very important to achieve immediate and long-term outcomes which are sustainable over time. It is exactly what we need today to achieve and have on the shelf to offer to our patients.”

About Us

VALFIX was founded with a mission to heal hearts and save lives by experienced medical device entrepreneurs and a leading interventional cardiologist

VALFIX’s technology responds to the current large and clinically significant unmet need.

VALFIX’s proprietary technology has passed proof of concept and is moving forward to clinical trials.


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