Healing Hearts - Saving Lives

The only transcatheter solution that combines repair and replacement for the mitral valve in one procedure

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Globally there are more than 15 million mitral regurgitation (MR) patients;

4.5 million are suffering from severe MR

The treatments currently available for severe MR patients with heart failure are limited. Surgical repair and replacement are not possible for 98% of patients

Mortality and morbidity are high among untreated patients with mortality at 1-year up to 57%




VALFIX has developed an innovative transcatheter system to treat patients suffering from severe mitral regurgitation and heart failure.
The unique and innovative multi-wire technology enables transcatheter mitral valve repair and replacement in one procedure. 
VALFIX offers a true transcatheter complete ring annuloplasty procedure which is considered first-line therapy and the gold standard in mitral surgery.

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