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VALFIX announces issuance of two new patents providing broader protection for its innovative system

Jun 29, 2021

VALFIX Medical announced today the issuance of two new patents by the USPTO titled “Anchors and locks for percutaneous valve implants” (Patent No. 11,058,411) and “Percutaneous Valve repair and replacement” (Patent No. 11,058,537). These patents provide broader protection to VALFIX’s core technology and protect VALFIX’s unique anchor design which is responsible for securing the implanted annuloplasty ring in place.

VALFIX Medical has developed the first complete transcatheter solution that combines mitral valve repair and replacement treatments in one procedure for heart failure patients suffering from significant functional mitral regurgitation (FMR), offering a viable alternative to open heart surgery.

“We are pleased and excited to receive two new granted patents. This is an important milestone in the company’s development as these new patents protect a vital component of VALFIX system’s innovative solution,” Eli Bar, CEO & founder of VALFIX Medical shared. “We continue to expand our intellectual property, reinforcing the innovative and unique system we have developed, and we look forward to additional advancements throughout the year.”

These new patents granted protect VALFIX’s technology of an anchor delivery system with an innovative wire control system that allows accurate needle placement and anchor deployment around the annulus.

“We are building our firewall of patents which protect our assets: the core technology and its components,” Mr. Bar continues. “This allows us to exclusively operate within these boundaries. We are confident in our continued and ongoing success to develop our technology in parallel to our IP strategy.” VALFIX has four patent families, of which 4 patents have been granted in the US, one in EU and one in Israel. In addition, two more patents are pending worldwide (PCT). This IP portfolio protects VALFIX’s core technological innovation and several other related inventions.

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