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VALFIX Medical announces patent granted in both Europe and Israel

Mar 16, 2021

VALFIX Medical Ltd. is pleased to announce the approval from both the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Israeli Patent Office (IPO) for its patent, titled “Percutaneous valve repair and replacement”. VALFIX Medical has developed the first complete transcatheter solution that combines mitral valve repair and replacement treatments in one procedure for heart failure patients suffering from significant functional mitral regurgitation (FMR), offering a viable alternative to open heart surgery.

“We are pleased that, following the USPTO, both the European and the Israeli patent offices have recognized the novelty in VALFIX’s technology that can revolutionize the field of mitral valve therapies,” said Eli Bar, CEO of VALFIX Medical. “These new patent approvals further strengthen our IP protection in this expanding global market.”

These new patents granted are part of VALFIX’s patent portfolio, which already include 2 patents granted in the US. VALFIX now has patents granted globally in the US, the EU, and Israel. These patents further secure VALFIX’s IP in more territories and strengthen VALFIX’s competitive positioning in the EU market, the second largest market for transcatheter mitral valve therapies following the US.

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