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VALFIX Medical Inc. Announces the Issuance of a New U.S. Patent for Its Mitral Valve Repair Technology

Mar 20, 2024

VALFIX Medical Inc. announces the issuance of a new patent by its Israeli subsidiary VALFIX Medical Ltd. The new Patent US 11,931,021 B2 is titled “Anchors and locks for percutaneous valve implants”.
The granted patent outlines multiple locking mechanisms that secure an implant to its target location by applying gripping forces on a surgical suture that passes through the implant.

“It is exciting to receive the new patents as we continue to push the technology forward; our approach to valve repair remains unique and distinct in the market,” stated Eli Bar, CEO and Founder of VALFIX Medical. “This patent granted confirms and protects our core technology and adds significant value to our stakeholders.”

VALFIX Medical technology is distinguished in its approach to offer valve repair method that truly replicate the surgical annuloplasty approach.
Using specially designed anchors and locks VALFIX achieve unparalleled operational flexibility, anatomic precision, and implant stability.
This unique approach gives more options for interventional cardiologists to deliver the most effective therapy to this complex condition.

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